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My ABC's Ring Flash Cards

My ABC's Ring Flash Cards

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  • FLASHCARDS - The flashcards will help kids learn the alphabet and link different objects and words with each letter! Keep the cards on the ring to help improve visual recall or remove them so children can sort for a hands on Montessori approach.
  • ARTWORK – Colorful artwork of everyday things like A is for Apple, J is for Jellyfish, and more! Vibrant colors will help with visual recognition and attention to detail. Designed to be simple and engaging for easy letter and object identification.
  • EDUCATIONAL – Flashcards are multisensory tools with visual cues and auditory learning that enhances retention. Matching helps cognitive skills like memory, attention, and problem-solving. They also aid in language development and vocabulary expansion.
  • TRAVEL – Lightweight and comes with reclosable ring for easy packing and travelling. Flashcards are an interactive learning tool that provides a screen free experience to help pass the time and encourage learning while staying entertained on the go.
  • MUDPUPPY - For over 25 years, Mudpuppy has created quality non-digital puzzles, games and toys for children that facilitate creative play and imaginative thinking. Mudpuppy is committed to making eco-friendly products with a minimal carbon footprint.

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