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Things To Do Outdoors: 100 Activities

Things To Do Outdoors: 100 Activities

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Things To Do Outdoors brings together games, projects, challenges and crafts in one handy tube - simply dip in and choose a stick to find your next favorite activity.

Dip in and pick one of 50 sticks to give you all the inspiration you need for a new fun family activity. With an activity on either side to inspire and excite, these little sticks will help you to embrace the outdoors and learn about nature with games, activities, challenges and scavenger hunts!

Things To Do Outdoors shows you how to find joy in the little things - like a matchbox challenge to collect as many natural things as possible, hunting ants and seeing how many you can find.

With a wild and wonderful world begging for you to explore it, this set of outdoor activities is the perfect excuse to put down the tv remote and the console controller, and get out there and have some fun.

Things To Do Outdoors - 100 Play Prompts Cards edition by Dawn Isaac

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