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Bitter Orange Cherry Spritz Mixer

Bitter Orange Cherry Spritz Mixer

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Introducing the Mixly Bitter Orange Cherry Spritz Mixer, a fresh blend perfect for daydreamers who want to be transported to a sun-drenched terrace on the Italian coast with every sip.

This 250ml bottle captures the essence of a classic Italian spritz, harmonizing the vibrant flavors of bitter orange and cherry. Crafted from all-natural ingredients like fresh citrus, bold fruit juices, and a touch of honey, this non-alcoholic spritz mixer makes it easy to craft the perfect summer cocktail.

Each bottle is designed to create five to six 5oz spritz cocktails, this Mixly Spritz Mix is your ticket to effortless and elegant cocktail making. 

You can make each cocktail as you go, or you can pre-batch Mixly Spritz cocktails with any 750ml bottle of Prosecco and a half a cup of sparkling water.

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