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Bon Bon Swedish Fish

Bon Bon Swedish Fish

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This vegan and gluten-free candy is a fresh take on the classic Swedish Fish, perfect for gifting! We spent 18 months of research and development to create, what is to our minds, the best gummy every produced.

Sour Elderflower Fish: a tribute to the homemade cordial that was made from freshly picked flowers by our grandparents, during Sweden’s short summer months. The elderflower is one of BonBon’s four flavors of summer. 

Sour Blackberry Fish: a commemoration of the homemade jam we used to make with freshly picked blackberries from our summer gardens in Sweden. 

Sour Peach Fish: With this flavor we set out to create a peach dominant gummy with a medium-chew, complemented by hints of fresh apricots. The sour peach fish is actually an homage to our favorite American pie - the peach cobbler. The addition of apricot is a nod to our summers of youth, most of which were spent picking and eating apricots with Grandma in her garden. 

Sour wild strawberry fish: is a vegan, gluten-free and naturally colored sour gummy made by a small factory in the south of Sweden. Coated in sour sugar, wild strawberry is the dominant aroma and it is complemented by a dash of sour raspberry for that extra kick! 

Sweet Wild Strawberry Fish: the epitome of Swedish summers! So juicy and so sweet, these fish will transport you to a field of wild strawberries on a warm and breezy July afternoon. 

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