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Compartes Chocolate Bars

Compartes Chocolate Bars

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  • *NEW* California Garden - Indulge in all the beautiful flavors and textures of a California summer garden with this vegan dark chocolate bar inspired by the Treasures of the Orchard Box. Studded with a variety of fruits and nuts from California’s best farmers markets and gardens, every delightful bite will encompass the vibrant and tangy flavors of summer.

  • Magic Malibu Malted Milkshake - a fun twist on the classic chocolate and malt pairing. The bar's filled with malt and a touch of sea salt for the most delicious milky chocolate treat! One of our most popular bars ever, the perfect chocolate gift! Salty, malty and sweet! 
  • Wild Cherry - Nothing says summer like fresh fruit – and with the Wild Cherry Bar, you will surely get your fill. Infused with wild, organic cherries in three ways, including a sprinkling of two different types cherries and cherry puree blended into the mix. Experience the various candied sensations of cherries wrapped into this one couture bar.
  • California Love - Dark chocolate jam-packed with crushed sourdough pretzels for a combo that is the ultimate meeting of dark chocolate, sea salt, and crunch! We dare you to have just one bite of this delicious chocolate treat!
  • Cookies & CreamCompartés's amazing Cookies & Cream chocolate bar is unbeatably delicious! Using a new proprietary blend of white and dark chocolate, packed full of sandwich cream cookies, this chocolate bar may be our favorite chocolate creation yet! 
  • Rainbow CrunchCompartes new rainbow crunch chocolate bar is the newest crunchy cereal chocolate experience. Tons of delicious fruity cereal pieces are blended with signature white chocolate to make this limited edition bar so special. Taste the textured nostalgic chocolate delight!
  • Lava Flow - This new Strawberry Coconut Gourmet Dark Chocolate Bar is made with vegan organic dark chocolate studded with strawberries and coconut. Featuring beautiful graphics evoking a Summer paradise.
  • California Berries - deep dark chocolate studded with all natural dried strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The most beautiful berry bar you'll ever see... and eat!
  • Birthday Cake - festive, luxury chocolate bar is made with three types of vanilla beans, moist & delicious fresh white birthday cake mix, and tons of colorful sprinkles! So good, you won't be able to get enough! 
  • California Dreaming - homemade rich gooey dark chocolate brownies mixed in to luxury dark chocolate for the ultimate brownie & chocolate lover! You'll be dreaming of this bar after just one bite! This is one of our favorites and sure to be yours too!
  • Campfire S'mores - dark chocolate bar is s'mores taken up a notch! Homemade marshmallows are blended into our rich dark chocolate with bits of graham crackers for a familiar, yet distinctive, flavor sensation!
  • Cereal Bowl - creamy white chocolate overflows with crunchy cereal and sweet marshmallows. It's one of Compartes most popular white chocolate bars...there's absolutely nothing else quite like it!
  • Donuts & Coffeedonuts from the best LA donut shops broken up & mixed into the creamiest milk chocolate, plus add in coffee grounds from some of LA's best coffee shops, this bar is seriously delicious!
  • Red Velvet - Filled with pieces of homemade red velvet cake and decadent cream cheese frosting, meet your new favorite bar!
  • The Everything Bar -  Everything you can dream of in one bite. For the one who has everything, this bar has everything & more!! Cake, sprinkles, marshmallows, pretzels, rainbow sprinkles, this is decadence and indulgence combined into a mindblowing chocolatey burst of flavors from all the Compartés classics.
  • Cookies and Cream -  blend of white and dark chocolate, packed full of sandwich cream cookies
  • Care Bear  5 different flavor infusions making it 5 different chocolates in one. With a rainbow motif and chocolates in rainbow colors and flavors, including strawberry, lemon, orange and blueberry, this bar is as colorful as it is delicious.
  • Malibu Magic Malted Milkshakefilled with malt and a touch of sea salt for the most delicious milky chocolate treat! 
  • California Berries - deep dark chocolate studded with all natural dried strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
  • Coffee Crunch made from rich and creamy 75% dark chocolate and aromatic crunchy coffee bits
  • Potato Chip Crisp creamy milk chocolate and toss in tons of salted and crispy potato chips, broken in all sorts of different sizes so the bar is completely crunchy and texturized
  • Peanut Butter Cup - The brand new peanut butter cup bar handmade with compartes silky smooth chocolate, award winning peanut butter, honey and sea salt and studded with pieces of broken peanut butter cups, this may be our best chocolate bar ever! :) 
  • Scones & Jam -  creamy chocolate and homemade scones and jam

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