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Marseille Soap Cube

Marseille Soap Cube

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This cube of Marseille soap is made in Marseille in the purest respect for tradition. Traditionally cooked in a cauldron, it contains cleansing and protective palm oil. As required by the real formula, it contains 72% oil. It is a natural and authentic product perfect for washing the body and hands, also recommended for the care of delicate laundry and cleaning floors.

Fragrance: Fragrance-free.

Size: 13.8 oz

The Cube Soap Story - Since 1990: Philippe Boigeol and Pascal Bourelly, two friends, came up with a brilliant idea. Aware that the traditional Marseille soap cube held an important place in the cultural heritage of Provence and inspired by the history of Marseille's traditional soap making, they decided to share this local treasure with people from all over the world.

La Compagnie de Provence has been selling their cube soap - in its iconic packaging - for over 30 years. Its formulas are simple, natural and effective, and provide solutions for all your everyday needs. Its contemporary trademarked packaging and stamped soap marking is recognized around the world and has been a staple in American homes, schools and workplaces for decades. Cie Luxe is proud to be the exclusive distributor for this world recognized product, made in Provence, with a smile. Enjoy!

For the gentle washing of all textiles, especially delicate laundry (baby clothes, silks, lace, etc.): wet your laundry, clean it with soap, lather and rinse carefully with clean water. Let your laundry soak and always rinse with cold water. For washing difficult stains (oily, shirt collars): rub the stain with the cube, before washing. Put in the machine quickly. For cleaning the floors and the shine of your tiles, soap them with Marseille soap then rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes. Perfume Free.

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